Border Collies

Our Border Collies are our workmates on our ranch. Bred to be working dogs, they constantly monitor our horses, letting us know of problems and helping us with movement of our stock. Purported to be the most intelligent breed of dog, we can attest to their intelligence, work ethics, loyalty and value to us as our companions. Our litters are sought after by ranchers as well as city dwellers.


BJB Zigzag, ABC 388542 - Black, White part collar 7 crooked blaze. White feet medium coat.
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Ziggy was purchased in October of 2013 from Steve Allen, Holten, KS. We purchase him as both an addition to our herd dogs here on the ranch, as well as a breeding sire for future litters. Ziggy upon hitting the ground here Ziggy has been the most phenomenal herd dog we have owned to date. He is a natural in all aspects! He recently approached goal number two and sired his first litter out of Salty Dog, whelped 2-1-14. 5 beautiful males, soon to be ready for new homes!

Moon Child, ABC 275197 - Black with white collar, blaze, feet and tail tip
(Ettrick Sharp ABC 89010 x Heidi Yoder ABC 196222)

Moon Child is our senior female Border here on the Ranch, a daughter of our Heidi Yoder, lost tragically in 2005. She has excellent herding skills on our horse farm, as the lead Border Collie. Moon is Knox bred on her sire line, with two USBCHA Finals Champions in this lineage. She has been bred to BJB Zigzag and we are following her progress.

Pepper Pot ABC 270056 - Black Blkaze, collar,white LF-Leg, Rear Feet.
(Buck ABC 138155 x Trudy's Ann ABC 205856)

A full sister to Salty Dog, she is, as indicated by her name, almost full black, and a medium rough. Pepper is a herding demon who will only come indoors on very cold nights. She literally lives with the herd and is a quick header and tailer.

Salty Dog, ABC 270055 - White with small black spot on rt cheek.. Black on rump.
(Buck ABC 138155 x Trudy's Ann ABC 205856)

Salty dog was bred by Raymond Evens, Schell City, MO. As her name indicates, she is primarily white. She joined us in late 2005, along with her sister Pepper Pot. Her herding capabilities are excellent. Her Dam, Trudy's Ann,bred by Floyd Applegate, Joshua, TX. Although a herding dog on our ranch, she has trial champion relatives. Medium rough coat.